Car Key Replacement

Lost Car Key Replacement

Usually important items we use on a day to day basis have a safe place. At times, we tend to forget or misplace these things and need help. This is why EMT Locks offers car key replacement services as one of our emergency locksmith services. Our automotive locksmiths are equipped to help with car key replacements, so you can get back on the road, quickly!

Types of Car Keys

Almost every vehicle make and model uses different types of keys. Here at EMT Locks, we provide you with a car key replacement regardless of the make or model and whether your key was a fob, transponder or remote.

Key Fobs

Newer cars have a push to start feature which sends an electronic signal to start your car. Sometimes called a smart key, proximity or key fob, drivers can leave their key in their pocket and start the car with the push of a button. We program smart key fobs on the spot.


Vehicles today have micro chips inside the key called a "transponder". This security feature allows the fuel pump to engage once a programmed chipped key is turned into the ignition. We can laser cut a transponder and program the chip to your vehicle's computer.

Car Remotes

Gaining entry into your car with a push of a button is a convenience factor older cars didn't have. Most cars today have a remote embedded on the key itself or some separately. as a separate piece. You can lock/unlock your doors, trunk and auto start the car if you have that option.

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